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xxxxx About BodyScan Brisbane

Body Scan Brisbane provide a Body Scanning Service aimed people wanting to improve their Health and Fitness.

We operate out of 12RND Fitness in Greenslopes, Brisbane and have trained and certified Evolt360 Body Scan operators, and Nutrition/Supplement Consultants, to help you determine the most efficient way to help you to achieve your your Health and Fitness Goals

At an initial consultation we will

  • discuss your Fitness Goals
  • help you get setup with an Evolt Active account (to view and track your body scan results)
  • carry out a benchmark body scan (which will ????)
  • Explain the various metrics taken by the eVolt Scan
  • Review how these apply to your specific health and fitness goals.

It is recommend that you do followup EVolt360 body scans each 4-6 weeks to allow you to monitor and track your progress against your goals.

We can also provide as need additional Nutrition/Supplement consulting to ensure that you are feeding your body in the most effective way to match your training regime and fitness goals.

We do NOT provide Medical Scanning Services.

AJ Cleaver

CEO & Founder


Our Featured Services


Initial Body Scan

We get you started with a Benchmark Body Scan


Supplement Consulting

We review your health and fitness goals and discuss whether Supplements might be beneficial.


Exercise Consulting

We will review your fitness goals and discuss a suitable exercise and training regime.


Nutrition Consulting

We review your health and exercise goals and discuss a Nutrition Plan.


Personal Training

We review your exercise and fitness goals and establish an effective Training Program


EVolt Body Scan

We can schedule and provide regular (4-6 week) follow-up Body Scans

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