Body Scans that are carried out at your local gym are most likely Body Composition Analysis Scans that are designed to provide an indication as to your “fitness” rather than a medical scan (such as an MRI or Cat Scan).

The most widely used Body Scanners in use at Gyms within Australia are the InBody Body Scanner and the Evolt 360 Body Scanner. Both of these scanners use Biometric Impedence Analysis (BIA) technology which sends a very low level electric charge through the body and measures the resistance to identify the type and location of fat, muscle and other body tissue.

BIA scanners offer one of the quickest, easiest and most accurate ways to measure body composition, and regular body scans (normally 4-6 weeks apart) provide a very effective way ti compare the effect of

Where can I get a Body Scan in Brisbane ?

Only hand-full of Gyms and Fitness Centres in Brisbane offer Body Scanning services, and this is often restricted to gym members, however Body Scan Brisbane works within the 12Rounds Fitness Gym at Greenslopes where it is possible for the general public to Book a Body Scan

How much will a Body Scan Cost ?

Costs for a body scan at a gym or fitness centre will vary (depending where you get it) from around $50 for an initial scan (which usually includes initial setup and a consultation to discuss your fitness goals)… Although repeat scans are typically less (from around $30) and much faster. Some gyms (such as 12rounds Greenslopes) offer Free regular scans to members throughout their membership.

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