We Help You Setup, Monitor and Judge Your Own Fitness Challenge

xxxxx Do It Yourself Fitness Challenge

A Fitness Challenge is a fantastic way to help you focus on your exercise program over a defined period and monitor exactly how effective it is at improving your fitness.  A Challenge also provides an opportunity to compare how you are doing against, friends, colleagues and competitors…  Some Gyms run challenges from time to time throughout the year … But what if :

  • you don’t belong to a gym, or
  • your gym doesn’t offer challenges, or
  • you have a bunch of mates that attend multiple gyms…..or
  • you don’t like the way your gyms challenge is structured… or
  • the timing is wrong ???

We can help you create your own customised challenge that meets your own specific goals, rules and timescales…

We assist you to design, plan, monitor, facilitate and judge your own personalised fitness challenge.

You get to choose :

  • When it takes place
  • How long it runs for
  • Who you’d like to participate in it
  • What the overall fitness goals are
  • Where it will take place
  • Whether to include Body Scans, Before/After Photos, and/or Benchmarks
  • In fact… you get to customise your challenge to meet your specific needs

We can

  • Help you define the challenge “rules”
  • Offer Diet / Exercise / Supplement advice
  • Measure and Monitor Progress
  • Provide independent judging to determine “the winner/s”
  • and more…
We have many different Types of Challenge available...

Type of Challenge


Solo Challenge

Set your own Challenge Goals and we can help you monitor and achieve them…


Corporate Challenge

Challenge your Work Colleagues to see who can become “The Fittest in the Office” …


Mate Vs Mate

Challenge your Mates to see who is Fitter / Faster / Stronger …


Multi Fit Challenge

Cross-Fit  / F45 / Boxing / Weights – which achieves “The Best” Results…


Sibling Rivalry

Challenge your Brother / Sister / Cousin / Family Member to see who can be “The Best” …


Special Event Challenge

Get yourself looking Toned and Terrific for a  Special Occasion

Set Your Own ``Rules``

DIY Challenge Criteria



whether 2,4,6 or 8 weeks… YOU get to choose How long the Challenge Lasts


Body Scan

We typically provide Before/After Body Composition Scans – but it is up to you



We can help you set Fitness Benchmarks – which can be undertaken before/after the challenge to help measure performance  improvements.


Define Your Goals

What are the aims of your Challenge.. Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Body Transformation… all of the above.. or something else ??


Myzone ??

You can also incorporate Myzone Challenges as a p[art of your Fitness Challenge


Winner Winner

We provide independent analysis (based on your defined criteria) to decide the Winner (or winners)



How Many people take part in your challenge from 1 to 50 (or more).. is up to you


Before/After Photos

We can provide Before/After Photos, which can also be included as part iof the Challenge Judging Criteria


Location ?

You get to decide whether Training is undertaken at Your Gym, Our Gym,. At Home… or wherever you like…