Your Initial Scan Session may take up to 30 minutes

Your 1st Body Scan

Your first Body Scan Consultation will take up to 30 minutes and will involve the following activities :

  • We will discuss your Health Fitness Goals
  • We will help you setup your Evolt Active Account. This account is used to record, view and track your body scan results.  We recommend that before attending the session that you download and Install the Evolt Active App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • We will carry out a benchmark body scan
  • Explain the various metrics taken by the eVolt Scan
  • Review how these apply to your specific health and fitness goals.

BEFORE your initial scan we suggest that you read and follow instructions on our How To Prepare for your Body Scan page.


It is recommended that you do followvup EVolt360 body scans each 4-6 weeks to allow you to monitor and track your progress against your goals.

We can also provide as need additional Nutrition/Supplement consulting to ensure that you are feeding your body in the most effective way to match your training regime and fitness goals.