24 Jun
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EVolt Active is NOT just an App,
it’s a Measure of your Success.

The Evolt Active App is an online tool that stores your body composition data so you can track, monitor, and analyse your progressive results. You can use Evolt Active to access your personalised profile and dashboard via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to view graphs and charts showing your real-time body composition analysis results.

EVolt Active allows you to record, monitor, track and compare your Evolt Body Scan Data over time, to see how your body adapts to your training and exercise routine. It provides a snapshot in time of your fitness/health by recording more than 40 different body composition metrics.

How to Get the EVolt Active App

You will need to download and activate the Evolt Active APP BEFORE your first scan on an EVolt 360 Body Scanner, as the scanner then connects to your profile and uploads your scan data in real time, so you can access your scan results as soon as the scan is complete

The process to download and activate are pretty straightforward

  • Download the App
  • Enter your Contact details
  • Enter Your Body Metrics
  • Enter Your Fitness Goals
  • Check your email and Activate the App

You are now ready to Book your Evolt 360 Body Scan

How to Use the Evolt Active App

Once the App has been downloaded and Activated, and you have completed your `1st body scan on the Evolt 360, you can track and monitor your progress on the Evolt Active app along with calculating your macronutrient profile to ensure you reach your goals with direction.

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