15 Mar
BodyScan Brisbane

Today Myzone announced their brand new Heart Rate Monitor and Tracking device – the MZ-Switch !!!.

Myzone has officially launched the world’s first interchangeable PPG and ECG heart rate monitor – the MZ-Switch.

This new monitor can be worn three different ways – by allowing users to switch between a chest belt, wrist strap and arm band so they can track their real time heart rate and effort however they choose to work out. The new MZ-switch is therefore perfect for a wide variety of sports including running, cycling, swimming, HIIT, boxing and weight training.

Just like the original MZ3, this new device makes people feel good about exercise. It rewards them for the effort they put into exercise with Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). And they get to share their results with family, friends, and the Myzone community.

According to MyZone, the PPG sensor tracks low-intensity activity with 95% accuracy on the wrist or arm (similar to normal smartwatches). Wearing the device on your arm is suggested if you’re running, swimming or doing other exercises with repetitive arm movements. There’s a small button on the side which needs to be pressed to activate the optical reading.

The ECG sensor monitors with 99.4% accuracy and automatically kicks in when you wrap the device around your chest. That’s high accuracy on par with medical equipment that health professionals use.

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