Body Scan Data such produced by InBody and Evolt Body Scanning Devices are a fantastic way to find out your physical numbers and also monitor, measure and compare progress over time, but what do all of the numbers mean?

This post looks at some of the common metrics that are measured as a part of a Biometric Impedence Analysis (BIA) and explains what they measure and how to interpret them properly….. We highlight 8 different body scan statistics that are worth keeping track of and what you should be aware of if you want to lose fat and/or build muscle in the most effective manner.

Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM) – Skeletal Muscle is the only type of muscle you can actually grow and affect by exercising. Strength Training and Progessive Overloads increases SMM

Percentage of Body Fat (PBF) – percentage of your body weight consisting of fat – can be improved by eating with a Calorie Deficit. The way to look is probably more important than this stat

Visceral Fat – Fat stored in your body cavity (aka Active Fat). Excess Visceral Fat can be dangerous. Calorie Deficit Eating, Reduced Alcohol intake and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can help with reducing this

Abdominal Circumference – your waist measurement (around the belly button line) – reducing your abdominal circumference whilst maintaining your SMM is a GOOD thing.

Left/Right & Upper/Lower ratios – show balance and imbalance across your body… Imbalances may highlight injuries or areas that are being over or under-trained. Using dumbbells can help with Left/Right Upper body imbalances or incorporate Unilateral Exercises to focus on areas with significantly different ratios.

Water/Fluid Levels – We want more Intracellular Fluids (ICFs) than Extracellular Fluids (ECFs). Intracellular Fluid is a measure of water within the cells. Changes can fluctuate significantly and can be caused by many things which is one reason it is important to try and get body scans at a similar time of day with similar hydration levels. The best way to reduce water retention is (non-intuitively) to drink more water.

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) – the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue… Should be aiming for as high a figure as possible. BMD can be improved through strength training or Calcium Supplements.

Fitness Score – Inbody Score (Inbody) or Bio-Wellness Index – BWI (Evolt) – is an amalgamated “score” designed to provide an overall evaluation of your body composition. These metrics are designed to help you establish the right composition of weight gained or lost and typically takes into account the age and gender of the individual in comparison to World Health Organization standards. The higher the score, the better the wellness of the individual.

Find out more by listening to the Danny Kennedy Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast post below :

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