Have you ever wondered why “6 Week Fitness Challenges” are so popular ?? Why not 2,4 or 8 weeks ??

The answer is pretty straight-forward – 6 weeks is a reasonable period of time for a fitness program to actually have an impact on your health/fitness… 2 or 4 weeks is really not enough to expect a significant change… and 8 weeks is a bit too long for most people to sustain a good solid training regime.

To be most effective though, it is critical that as a part of a 6 week fitness challenge, you take some before/after measurements/data to see what impact your exercise training has on your overall health and fitness.

Why Not Just Measure Weight ?

Traditionally, weight used to be the “go to” measurement to determine how much you had improved as a result of an exercise program…. but this is really a very poor metric… Not everyone is actually interested in losing (or gaining) weight… and a properly designed workout program is likely to increase weight from some areas (muscle) and decrease weight in others (fat). In fact, it is quite possible for a very effective 6 week challenge, to have a very signficant impact on your level of fitness, but result in little or no net change in weight.

Pinch tests or various body dimension measurements could also be done, but these are often not accurate, or Before and After photos could also be used, but this provides a very objective comparison.

Body Composition Analysis is the Answer

A Full Body Scan – such as the Body Impedence Analysis carried out by the Evolt Body Composition Scanner is an ideal way to get before and after snapshots of your body composition – to provide a very accurate way to highlight exactly what impact your 6 week fitness program has had on your body composition and your overall health and fitness.

An Evolt Body Scan provides over 40 different measurements and (as well as weight) will allow you to compare percentage of muscle and fat tissue in various parts of your body, and provide some overall metrics such as Your Bio Age and Bio-Wellness Index.

If you are running, or planning to participate in a Business/Corp[orate 6 Week Challenge, contact us and ask about our Corporate Body Scan services

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